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feels stranded in the very desert that's protected her for so long. Canon timeline be damned indeed. Create Post, welcome to /r/homestuck. But the Condesce is coming and their friends and family become more and more suspicious, oh how their lives are soo complicated! However it seems that their fighting days are over as the Condesce keeps sending drones and imps keep appearing! They had did it, they had won. Submit r/homestuck Rules. If I was going to live as Eridan then I was going to live it my way, so say goodbye to Canon Eridan attitude and hello new world of choices and opinions! Troll society and culture is very different compared to my old human vector porn one, I can't really remember it and my own old life so I guess I really am Eridan Ampora now huh? How I got into his body after his first pupation molt is something I will probably never know, but living the life of Eridan Ampora is not all fine and dandy despite his high caste blood. Must be Andrew Hussie related. They have families now that don't know anything about the game, Dave having to deal with two brothers at the same time now and John dealing having his dad back things are hard for the 5 of them and watch them try to live.

Dadbert porn karkat

Credit the artist. If only it were that easy. He wasn't the only Ampora to change. But who knew the change of attitude of one character like Eridan could change so much? Press J to jump to the feed. Do not use /r/homestuck to profit. In a world of strangers her relationships with others might save her life and, more importantly, her future. Sort by tnx porn site 4 more replies 1 more reply 1 more reply, community Details 310, online, a subreddit to discuss Homestuck, Hiveswap and the works of Andrew Hussie.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.Dave Karkat vriska rose john jade sollux jake terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi tavros nepeta kanaya.

Vriska Serket/Karkat Vantas - Works Archive of Our Own

Wetting myself and licking it up while cosplaying karkat vantas from homestuck, originally posted here m wetting myself and licking it up while cosplaying karkat vantas from homestuck, originally posted here. 6.6K 112 19 (Why, God why. He has mastered shuffling around with his claws in the air, snapping to music that may or may not exist entirely in his head. He will also deny being good at and enjoying. This included Sollux being penetrated by cronus and dadbert, dadbert licking whipped cream off of cronus and Sollux and lots of noise (Dear god, don't kill me oh my). Its in his blood. Well 'will try anything at least once' kind of mind, it once created a very surpising evening. Ga door met het lezen van het volgende deel. Aanbevolen verhalen, je vindt dit vast ook leuk. It really shouldnt be as charming as.

That and their powers are still with them and they seem to be in another goddamn universe, so many things are different.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Nsfw must be tagged and no Porn. No spoilers for 24 hours! March Eridan was also popular for the character of course. John, Dave, Jake, Roxy and Karkat are the only ones who remember the game. Canon timeline be damned!

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And yet, change so little?

Unknowingly, Dad causes Strife with John and uses his Guardian Rubric "CoddleBrand" perfectly. Biography Edit Pre-scratch Edit Dad is, like Colonel Sassacre, one of the few persons in the entire comic who may have been born biologically. oH HOW I lOve AdEvenTure TiMe" "Adventurestuck!" Lol "do it for fef" (homestuck sollux and eridan) Hannah Honick homestuck Ver más Qué dicen otros usuarios "Eridan baby I love you i knoww." "I bought you a human game called Twister" "Pfffftttt hahahhahhaha ha eridan.". And there are 288 of them it also has a quiz to help you determine your sign, aspect, and whether you dream on Prospit or Derse! Ahora estás libre Karkat Ahhh eres en verdad adorable Me alegra que en verdad estés disfrutando cuidarlo" why are the amporas so lowkey adorable like? However, instead of fighting Jack directly, Dad set fire to Jack's comical hat, sprayed it with shaving cream and stomped it into oblivion. XD (More important art styles gog i need to draw like now "This is probably supposed to be JohnKat, but I don't care. You freeze your expression at the slang, a stony settle to your mouth and shoulders, animated warmth gone in a blink. I remember doing this with my brother to wake our dad" "No rest for Daddy Captor!" "Captors" gif homestuck my work terezi pyrope outfits terezi Paintlover2124 Homestuck Ver más Qué dicen otros usuarios "terezi gif" 32 Snapchats From 2017 That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably. He can also Auto-Pastry with his Artifact of Confection effectively as well.

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